USAF Pin-iT Card - The Ultimate Uniform Measuring Tool

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Military Ribbon Rack Builder - Pin-iT Military Uniform Tools
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Perfectly Place Your Uniform Items

The USAF Pin-iT Card is a complete uniform tool that allows you to perfectly place all of your uniform items, including name tags, ribbons, insignia, medals, collar devices, and your Garrison cover. The Pin-iT Card is designed with perfectly placed holes and lines that make it easy to align with your uniform. You no longer need to measure anything or worry about getting your uniform items misplaced. With the Pin-iT Card, you can have a polished and professional appearance every time.


Complies with the Uniform Regulations Manual

Months went into designing the USAF Pin-iT Card to ensure that all the correct lines, measurements, and holes were labeled on the card. The Pin-iT Card complies with the Uniform Regulations Manual, so you can be confident that your uniform is regulation-compliant. You can trust that the Pin-iT Card will help you maintain your professional appearance while adhering to military standards.


Built to Last and Fits in Your Wallet

The USAF Pin-iT Card is made of durable stainless steel with etched lines, so you do not have to worry about it breaking or the paint wearing off. It is designed to last through countless uniform adjustments and will remain reliable for years to come. Additionally, the Pin-iT Card was made to fit in your wallet so that you will have it when you need it. You can take it with you wherever you go, ensuring that you always have access to a tool that will help you maintain your professional appearance.

How-To Use

U.S. Collar Insignias

Place the USAF Pin-it Card on the collar ensuring that the dotted line labeled” coat seam” is lining up with the coat seam.

Next, ensure that the notch of the collar is even with the bottom of the USAF Pin-it Card.

Then, place your U.S. collar insignia into the slot labeled “U.S”. This will ensure your collar device is centered on the collar, level to the deck, and resting on but not overlapping the coast seam.

U.S.A.F Flight Cover

On the back of the Pin-it Card, you will find instructions for the flight cover.

place the USAF Pin-it Card on the flight cover as pictured in the image. ensure that the side and the bottom of the pin-it card are even with the front and bottom of the flight cover.

Then locate the hole labeled “Flight Cover”.

Place your rank insignia into the flight cover hole ensuring that the edge of the insignia is resting on the 1/2″ line.

This will ensure that your USAF rank insignia is perfectly placed.

U.S.A.F Occupational Badge

On the back of the Pin-it Card locate the 1/2″ line and the lettered holes. Also, refer to the USAF hole chart for guidance on the placement of the occupational badges.

Place the operational badges into the lettered holes that correspond to the badge. Ensure that the bottom of the badge is resting on the 1/2″ line and pin on your badge.

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