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Military Ribbon Rack Builder - Pin-iT Military Uniform Tools
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Introducing the Uniform Accessory Kit - the ultimate solution for perfectly placing your ribbons and insignias with ease. No more hassle or thumbing around - with the Shirt Pad included in this kit, you can place your accouterments effortlessly. Simply place the Pin-iT Shirt Pad under your garment, and then place your uniform devices. The Pin-iT Shirt Pad ensures that your devices are in the perfect place, while the Pin-iT Ribbon Backers keep them tight against your shirt or jacket for a polished, professional look.


This kit includes one Pin-iT Shirt Pad and three packs of Pin-iT Ribbon Backers (a total of 12 Backers), making it easy to achieve a sharp, put-together look every time. Whether you're in the military, law enforcement, or any other profession that requires a uniform, the Uniform Accessory Kit is the perfect solution for achieving a clean, polished appearance. Say goodbye to the frustration of crooked or misplaced ribbons and devices, and hello to the confidence of looking your best every time with the Uniform Accessory Kit.

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The uniform Accessory Kit includes: One Pin-iT Shirt Pad, 3 packs of Pin-iT Ribbon Backers (Total of 12 Backers)Perfectly place your ribbons and insignias without hassle. Keep your uniform devices securely in place with Pin-iT Ribbon Backers. Achieve a polished, professional look with ease.
Use of Shirt Pad to place accoutermentsNo more thumbing around, making it easier to place your uniform devices.
Use of Pin-iT Shirt Pad to place uniform devicesAchieve perfect placement of your ribbons and insignias.
Use of Pin-iT Ribbon BackersKeep your devices tight against your shirt or jacket for a polished, professional look.
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