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Pin-iT Military Uniform Tools - Best Military Ribbon Rack Builder
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Introducing the Perfect Uniform Kit - the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to achieve a polished and professional appearance in their uniform. This kit includes your choice of Pin-iT Card, a Shirt Pad, and 3 packs of Ribbon Backers (12 ribbon backers total).

Gone are the days of struggling to perfectly align your uniform items and the hassle of measuring each placement. With the Pin-iT Card, you can effortlessly place each uniform item with ease and accuracy.

The Shirt Pad is designed to keep your uniform items tight and in place, ensuring that they do not shift during rigging. With this pad, you can focus on the task at hand, rather than worrying about your uniform items slipping out of place.

To complete the kit, we have included 3 packs of Ribbon Backers that will keep each uniform item snug against your uniform, giving you the perfect and polished military look. With this kit, you can be confident that your uniform will always look its best.

Say goodbye to the frustration of setting up your uniform and hello to a simplified and streamlined process. Whether you're in the military or any other profession that requires a uniform, the Perfect Uniform Kit is a must-have. Order now and experience the benefits of a perfectly aligned and polished uniform.

What you get with the kit:

  • 1 Pin-iT Card (Please choose from the selection)
  • 1 Shirt Pad
  • 12 Ribbon Backers

Buying these items separately will cost you $24.48. We are selling the ALL-In-One Perfect Uniform Kit for ONLY $19.99

  • The Perfect Uniform Kit: Everything You Need for a Flawless Look
  • Never Measure Again with Pin-iT Card and Perfect Uniform Kit
  • Get the Perfect Military Uniform Look with Pin-iT's All-In-One Kit
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