Build Your Military Magic Rack with Pin-iT Military Uniform Tools

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What makes our MAGIC RACK- MAGNETIC THIN RIBBONS so unique (besides being magnetic) is that you can change them out when you need. This is because every ribbon is an individual magnet. If you are new to our site and are thinking about ordering your first Magnetic Thin Ribbon Rack, Welcome! We are glad you are here and can’t wait for you to try them on for size.

The ordering process is easy. Just follow the steps on our website.

First, choose your Service Branch.
Next, Choose the following Magnetic Ribbon Bar options.

Alignment- You can choose Center Alignment or Right Alignment.

Center alignment is the standard that you see when you look at a uniform.

Right alignment is if you have a lot of ribbons and you do not want your service jacket lapel to cover them. They will be staggered to the right side of the rack.

Ribbon Bar- This is where the Magic happens…. Please do not skip this step.

Every order will need a ribbon bar much like if you were to buy a traditional slide on ribbon rack. The way you order your ribbon bar is by the number of ribbons you are going to purchase. For example, if you need to purchase 11 ribbons, you will select an 11 Ribbon Bar.

Backing- This refers to the back of the ribbon bar. You will have two options, one is

Pin Back- This is the standard pin and clutch that you see on an insignia or badge. Some may refer to them as Frogs or Damn its!

Magnets- These are either the green magnets you see on the back of a name tag or can be smaller silver magnets depending on the size of your ribbon bar.

After you make your selections, you can move on to the next page where you can start selecting your Magnetic Thin Ribbons

If you are a returning customer and received a new ribbon, Congratulations!!!

Just follow our easy-to-use website and order the new ribbon(s) you need. Please do not forget to purchase a new ribbon bar as well. (See above for instructions)

Just Updating a Ribbon

If you just need to update a ribbon by adding an attachment like a gold or silver star/ oak leaf, then that is all you do…

Again, follow our easy-to-use website but this time you will not need to add a ribbon bar because you are not adding a new ribbon to your rack. (On the Ribbon Bar Selection-Select None) then you can move on to the magnetic thin ribbons page and add just the ribbon and attachment you need and that’s it.

We sincerely hope you like our new innovative approach of combining thin ribbons and traditional ribbons. If you have any questions, please see our How-To page, or contact us.