1What are Magnetic Thin Ribbons?

Magnetic Thin Ribbons are thin strong individual magnetic ribbons that that can be easily changed out when you need to update your thin ribbon rack. They are mostly worn on the uniform's left breast pocket unless wearing Medals along with ribbons then the ribbons would be worn o the right breast pocket.

2Can Magnetic Thin Ribbons be customized?

Yes, Magnetic Thin Ribbons can be customized to display any combination of ribbons that a service member has earned. In Fact, all Magnetic Thin Ribbon orders are custom made to order.

3How do Magnetic Thin Ribbons attach to the uniform?

Magnetic Thin Ribbons attach to the uniform using a ferromagnetic magnetic Ribbon Bar that the magnetic Thin Ribbons attach to. The Ribbon Bars can be made with pin-back devices or strong magnets that hold the ribbons securely in place on your service jacket or dress shirt.

4Are Magnetic Thin Ribbons easy to remove and replace?

Yes, unlike the thin ribbons on the market, Magnetic Thin Ribbons are easy to remove and replace. Much like traditional slide on ribbons, Magnetic Thin Ribbons were designed to be interchangeable. The strong, thin, magnets allow for quick and easy adjustments without the need to send back your entire ribbon rack for updating.

When you need to update your Thin Ribbon Rack simply order the Magnetic Thin Ribbons You need as well as the Ribbon Bar and Attachments (Devices) and we will custom make the ribbon and ship them to you.

5Are Magnetic Thin Ribbons durable?

Yes, Magnetic Thin Ribbons are durable and designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. They are made from high-quality materials and are built to last.

6How do I order just a Ribbon Bar?

You can order a ribbon Bar on our Products page or follow this link:

7How to buy Magnetic Thin Ribbons?

Follow the simple steps on the Build Your Magic Rack page.

Select the Service you are in and then click the Green Arrow on top of the page.

A Pop-Up window will appear with selections for your magnetic Ribbon Bar and how you want your magnetic Thin Ribbons displayed. Ensure you make a selection if you need a ribbon bar with your order. If you do not need a Ribbon Bar, then ensure your selection says None. After your selection click Next. (The Green Arrow on top of the page).

Now the fun part. You can now select the ribbons you need as well as the attachments for subsequent awards. Once you are done with selecting your Magnetic Thin Ribbons, click the green Add to Cart button on the top of the page. This will bring you to the review page.

Review your Magnetic Thin Ribbon order. Here you will see all the ribbons you are ordering as well as the attachments, and the price for each. You will also see the Ribbon Bar selection on the bottom of your order. If everything looks good, then click on the green Confirm button on the top of the page.

Continue to check out. Follow the steps to create an account and select your shipping options for the order. After that, Pay and then we will start making your Custom Magnetic Thin Ribbons.

8How long does it take to ship my Magnetic Thin Ribbons?

From the time you place your order to the time it ships out is typically 3-5 Business days. No matter what shipping option you select, we will need time to hand make your ribbon order. Just like the thin ribbons on the market, Magnetic Thin Ribbons are no different, we make the ribbons to order based on your selections and attachments. The shipping preference you make is for how long it will take to be delivered once we ship them out. If you choose Priority mail you will not receive your ribbons 2 days after you place your ribbons. We need time to make the order.

9Why are some of your attachments (devices) out of order on the ribbon image?

We are aware that some devices are not showing up properly on the ribbon as per Uniform Regulations, but rest assured that All ribbons and attachments will be made according to Military Uniform Regulations.

10I Need my ribbons by a certain date will you be able to help?

Depending on the date and how many orders we have in front of your order we may be able to accommodate your request. Please reach out to us via email to discuss a rush order before you place it. Do not assume that selecting Priority Shipping will ensure you receive your order 2 days after you purchased them. We need time to hand make each ribbon according to the selections you made.

11Some of my ribbons are not lining up correctly. How do I fix this?

This is more than likely caused by the top row of ribbons. If you have only 2 ribbons on your top row you need to reconfigure your ribbons so that they attract to each other correctly. The best way to do that is to look at our HOW-TO page for guidance. https://www.pinitcard.com/magic-rack-magnetic-thin-ribbons-how-to-use.

12Where can I buy Magnetic Thin Ribbons?

Magnetic Thin Ribbons can only be purchased from Pin-iT. We are the only company on the market that has this technology. We spent years developing Magnetic Thin Ribbons for Military members to try and help them with their uniform needs. www.pinitcard.com is the only place to purchase actual Magnetic Thin Ribbons.