We are committed to developing quality uniform tools for the men and women who serve our country

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WOW!! These tools are incredible. I purchased the Navy Pin-iT card and the uniform kit. Well worth the money. My uniform never looked so good. Highly recommend.

Your Source for Magnetic Thin Mounted Ribbons

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Magnetic Thin Ribbons

Simply select the magnetic thin ribbons you need as well as the Magnetic Backer for your ribbons and we will mount and ship them to you. All Magnetic Thin Ribbon sets include 5/16” mounting pins or magnetic fasteners. All Magnetic Thin Ribbons are arranged in a standard three per row mounting. If you need a Magnetic Thin Ribbon that is not listed please contact us. Most orders are assembled and shipped within 5-7 business days!

No More Ruler!
The Pin-iT Card was created as a tool to assist military personnel to efficiently and accurately apply name tags, ribbons, and medals to uniforms.

Say goodbye to cardboard and those flat foam boards!
Made of memory foam material, our Ribbon Backers expand against your ribbons, name tag, and medals; giving you a sharp, more professional looking uniform.

Helping you better place your military ribbons, name tag, and insignia’s,our shirt pad enables you to just push your uniform items into your shirt or jacket without having to thumb around.  

Our Products

We didn’t want to make a uniform tool that was a measuring tape or a ruler like most on the market.

We are a Military owned and operated company committed to developing the best uniform tools for our brothers and sisters who serve. With over 18 years of active service, we know the struggles of rigging a proper uniform. Let us know if you have any questions about our products. We are happy to help.