Helping you perfectly place your Coast Guard ribbons, name tag, breast insignia’s, collar devices and your rank insignia on your garrison cover. No other tool can place ALL your devices on ALL your uniform items.

U.S. Coast Guard Pinit Card

Align the bottom of the card on the leading edge of your collar and then place your insignia’s in the provided slot on the card. If you need to place your collar insignia’s on a diagonal pointing to the tip of the collar, simply use the dotted lines in the middle of the card and align on the point of the collar. Adjust the slot so that the top and bottom of the card is just touching the leading edge and bottom of collar. Then, Pin-iT.
Place the bottom of the Pin-iT Card on the bottom edge of the garrison cover. Place the left side of the Pin-iT Card on the left edge of the garrison cover. Then press your rate insignia into the slot labeled “Garrison Cover”. For Officers- Flip the garrison cover over as well as the Pin-iT Card and then align the card to the bottom and right edge of garrison cover.
Align the bottom of the Pin-iT Card to the top of the uniform pocket. Press your name tag, ribbons, and insignia’s in the provided holes.
We don’t just make Pin-iT Cards. We develop Ribbon Backers and Shirt Pads as well.