A Military Uniform Tool Like No Other!

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We referenced the Uniform Manuals to make sure we had all the correct measurements so that it is easier for you to rig your uniform without having to worry if it is in the right spot.
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We didn’t build another ruler that leaves you measuring over and over again. We built a uniform tool that perfectly places your military medals, ribbons, insignia’s, name tag, badges and more without the need to measure. We make it easier to serve.
We didn’t want to build a uniform tool that just focuses on one part of your of your uniform. We wanted a uniform tool that helps you with ALL your uniform items. Not only does it perfectly place your collar devices but it also places all your ribbons, medals and insignia’s on All your shirts and jackets. The Pin-iT Card also perfectly places your rank insignia on your Garrison or Flight Cover as well as on your jacket shoulder.
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The Pin-iT Card is roughly the size of a business card so you can easily place it in your wallet so it is always there when you need it.

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