Our story

Pin-iT is committed to designing quality products for the Men and Women of the Uniformed Services.

How The Company Came About?

While putting together a uniform like many of times before a thought came to mind, there has to be a better and quicker way to put a uniform together. A way that does not involve measuring and re-measuring to make sure all items on the uniform are perfect. There has to be a way to make a military uniform tool that will save time without sacrificing quality.

With that thought in mind, we set out to build a military uniform tool that would help make your uniform perfect!

We didn’t want to make a uniform tool that was a measuring tape or a ruler like most on the market. We didn’t want to make a tool that you can only use for your collar devices. We didn’t even want to make a uniform tool that was cheap and plastic like the rest. We set our goals to develop an All-in-one uniform tool that is not only compact and durable but it will help you with all your uniforms and all your military uniform devices. We made a uniform tool that has holes which are perfectly measured and in precise locations so that all you have to do is Place it and Pin-iT. No measuring and no second guessing if your military medals and ribbons are in the correct spot. With the Pin-iT Card your uniform will always be perfect.

Did I Mention You Will Save Time as Well?

Did I mention you will save time as well? On average it takes roughly 5 minutes* to put together a uniform when using the Pin-iT Card.

We didn’t stop at the Pin-iT Card. We saw the same need for a better ribbon backer that wasn’t cardboard or a big piece of foam board. That is how we came up with the better, easier, Pin-iT Ribbon Backers. The Pin-iT Ribbon Backers are made of memory foam that will expand and contract to the size of your pins on any of your ribbon bars or name tags. No matter if they are thin ribbons or standard issue, our Pin-iT Ribbon Backers will help keep your ribbons and medals tighter against your uniform than any product on the market today. 

Our Production Videos

Pinit Card Sample