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The Pin-iT Card was created as a tool to assist military personnel to efficiently and accurately apply name tags, ribbons, and medals to uniforms.

Key Features of the Pin-iT Card

No Measuring

No measuring

The Pin-iT Card was specifically designed to take the guess work out of rigging your uniform. Our simple place it and Pin-iT design helps you get dressed quicker and more accurately.

Stainless Steel Construction


We engineered the Pin-iT Card using top quality stainless steel so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Etched Markings


We etched our Pin-iT Cards instead of using paint so that you don’t have to worry about the paint dispersing when you need the Pin-iT Card the most.

Reference Lines


All of our reference lines on the Pin-iT Card are exact so you don’t need to worry if your uniform is perfectly measured.

Holes and Slots


We strategically placed holes and slots to coordinate with the measurements of your uniform regulations manual. All you need to do is place your military medals, ribbons, insignia’s, collar devices, and badges into one of the holes and Pin-iT on to your uniform.

Compact Size

ribbon bar tool for military uniforms

We designed the Pin-iT Card to be small and compact so that you can store it in your wallet to ensure you are always prepared for any surprise uniform inspections.